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Law of Corporate Governance   Deepankar Sharma
Law of Corporate Governance
1st Ed. (Rep.) 2024



About the Book

      This book intends to highlight the legal approaches taken by corporations and regulators alike towards implementing corporate governance norms in India. This book is written specifically to cover legal issues surrounding corporate governance in India thereby making it first of its kind comprehensive student friendly volume of all major concepts for easy understanding.

      This book, in order to provide a detailed yet holistic view of major regulations of corporate governance in India, is divided into eight broader chapters namely:

  • Concept of Corporate Governance: An Introduction
  • Nature and System of Corporate Governance
  • Regulatory System of Corporate Governance
  • Role of Different Committees in Shaping Corporate Governance Mechanism
  • Corporate Governance Ratings
  • Corporate Scams and Role of Corporate Governance in Risk Mitigation
  • Insider Trading Regulations and Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance


      The long-term vision of this book emphasizes the learning of Corporate Governance norms and practices in order to increase awareness and a learned and robust human resource seeking a beneficial compliance of the same.


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