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Text Books - Transfer of Property Act
The Transfer of Property Act   G. P. Tripathi
The Transfer of Property Act
20th Ed. 2024



     The Transfer of Property Act, 1882 dealing with the conveyance of property through different modes by one living person to another living person becomes more relevant in the present context. It is due to the expanding meaning of the term property, which encompasses within it not only tangible but even an intangible property having no physical existence for instance intellectual property, right to ferry, right to catch fish and other beneficial interests in a property.


     Thus, what property can be transferred, who can transfer, what are different modes of transfer and what are the other requirements for a valid transfer are all important questions which can be answered through the help of The Transfer of Property Act and other related enactments. It is therefore important that this branch of law should be presented for the students in an easily understandable form and language.

     The present 20th Edition of the book is in the hands of readers. All the amendments made in the Transfer of Property Act have been incorporated in the book. Relevant pronouncements of Supreme Court and High Courts have also been incorporated at appropriate places to illustrate, interpret & update the provisions of the law. Simplicity of language and lucidity of presentation are chief characteristics of this book.


     The book has been written comprehensively to meet the requirements of law students, researchers, members of Bench & Bar and people in general. It would enable the readers to acquire a complete and perfect understanding of the subject.

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