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Text Books - International Law & Human Rights
A Concise Book On International Law & Human Rights   H.O. Agarwal
A Concise Book On International Law & Human Rights
6th Ed. 2023



The present book is a concise edition of the book ‘International Law and Human Rights’. In order to bring it in the present size, while some topics from the original book (which are relatively less important) have been excluded, others have been summarized. However, an attempt has been made to analyse the rules and principles precisely in a systematic manner to enable the students to understand them clearly for whom it has been primarily written.

The book is divided into two parts. Part I deals with the traditional topics on International Law which were earlier known as Laws of Peace and Laws of War. United Nations Organization and other international organizations have also been discussed in this Part. Although there is no dearth of literature on all these topics they have been concised with the help of the views of the jurists, Judicial decisions, State practice and international conventions, where available. Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law have been dealt in Part II of the book.The book is useful not only to the LL.B. and LL.M. students but to the students of Political Science and Military Science as well. 


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