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Textbook on New Labour and Industrial Laws   Bhagyashree A. Deshpande
Textbook on New Labour and Industrial Laws
1st Ed.(Rep.) 2024


About the Book


     Labour and Industrial Laws are indispensable for the development and welfare of labourers / workers. It is one of the basic principles of the jurisprudence that law should change in accordance with the changing needs and goals of the society. It should not be static but it should be dynamic. Accordingly, with the development of industrial jurisprudence, Four Labour Codes are enacted by the Parliament of India in the years 2019 and 2020 to consolidate 29 labour legislations.


     The author has great pleasure in placing this book before the students, researchers, teachers and experts. The book has been written comprehensively to meet the requirements of the law students, teachers, researchers and readers. It would enable the readers to acquire a complete and perfect understanding of the subject.


     The author has written it exclusively for the graduate and post-graduate students of law. The language of book is very simple and it covers all the chapters / units included in the syllabus. The chapters are comprehensive so that this book can be referred by any student for Labour Law for any of the universities in India. This book is strongly recommended as a text book on “Labour and Industrial Laws” for the benefit of the students of Law. “Labour and Industrial Law” is one of the subjects prescribed for LL.B. Degree Course and LL.M. Degree as one of the compulsory subjects at various universities.


     The author has covered the concept of labour welfare enshrined in the Constitution of India and analysed it with a study of Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of State Policy. Provisions under the Four Labour Codes are covered in very comprehensive manner. Assessment and Evaluation of Labour Codes has discussed in detail.


     The author has made efforts to make the contents of the book authentic and up-to-date. The constitutional provisions as well as the judgments of the Supreme Court and the High Court including latest judgments have been explained in comprehensive manner. The Supreme Court of India has done a great job in developing the constitutional mandates for labour welfare.

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